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The Covins’ Story


Moving is hard. And the Covins are a family that knows this feeling all too well. When Michael got laid off from his job in Georgia, things were tough for a few years. Then Michael got a job interview in Washington D.C. The good news is he got the job. The bad news is he had to start one week later.

It took six months before they could be together again, but Skype helped them stay close during that time. This is the story about how they turned their move into a move forward.

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Only a video call away

Posted Nov 11, at 7:00am

This is the story of the Covins, a family that didn’t let some tough times slow them down. When Michael took a job in Washington D.C., he had to move and leave his family in Georgia. But they didn’t get...
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Old friends, new contacts

Posted Nov 11, at 7:02am

For months, Dawn and the kids had only been able to talk with Michael over Skype. So when he finally arrived home, surprising his daughters, things started looking up.
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Video messages from the road

Posted Nov 11, at 7:03am

With Georgia in their rearview mirror, Dawn, Michael and the kids couldn’t wait to get to Washington D.C. They made one quick overnight stop at Grandma’s house, and the next morning...
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New opportunities

Posted Nov 13, at 1:18pm

Making the move from Georgia to Washington D.C. has opened up new opportunities for everyone in the family. Dawn has each daughter enrolled in a new activity, and they’re loving it. ...
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Video calls and spin classes

Posted Nov 19, at 4:36pm

Dawn takes her fitness seriously, and Skype has helped her stay together with her exercise friends back in Georgia. Recently, she even participated in a fitness challenge remotely via Sky...
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Things are looking up for Michael

Posted Nov 19, at 4:37pm

Michael made the move to Washington D.C. back in March to start his new job. After being apart from his family for so long, he still can’t believe that they’re together again, and the...
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A story on a mission

Over the course of the Moving Forward story, the Covins used Skype for everything from house hunting to catching up with friends back in Georgia. Want to know more about how Skype helped the family stay together? These how-tos should do the trick.

Make a video call on your mobile

Mike was able to give Dawn a virtual tour of their new home from his mobile. See how to use the Skype app on your mobile.

Learn how to make a video call »

IM over Skype

Dawn and Mike use IM to check in before starting a video call. It’s a nice way to make sure everybody is ready for the call.

Learn how to IM on Skype »

Add a contact

During their goodbye barbecue, Michael, Dawn and the girls made sure to add all their friends as contacts on Skype. And now that Messenger buddies can be Skype contacts, it’s even easier to stay together.

Learn how to add contacts »

Call phones with Skype

With the house all packed up, Michael was able to check in with his mom on Skype.

Learn how to call phones with Skype »

Send a video message

After being apart for so long, Michael got a kick out of everything his daughters were doing, so he sent Dawn a video message of Kaylan sleeping.

Learn how to send a video message »

Create a group IM

To send updates to all their friends back in Georgia, Dawn started a group conversation. Now she can chat with everyone at once.

Learn how to start a group IM »

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